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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Football and tennis misery

I'm still a bit depressed about the football, (and the tennis now)...... but your funny comments have cheered me up no end. Also that fact that I can now go on my Champagne making weekend at the Chateau and the impending trip to Venice, have eased the misery.

Thank you to all the very thoughtful QPR fans for suggestions on where I should sit when I come to watch a match. I'm not too fussy as you know, anywhere will do for me and my dogs. Would it be ok to let them off at half time to stretch their legs on the ground? I've already trained them not to dig or foul on grassy areas. Could liven things up a bit if you're losing? And possibly distract the opposing side? It's just a thought.

A very important sounding person, Mr Ron Gould asked what my favourite tipple is. So he could point me in the right direction of where to go for a pre game beverage. Have you read my blog?? Champagne of course! However I think he meant the non alcoholic variety in which case its celery and spinach juice. My friend who will be coming with me likes pints of Guinness, and I do mean pints. She is also a dedicated follower of football just like me. I have told her to put her treasured MK Dons accessories away though. The dogs will be fine with bowls of water. When does all this football fever start anyway?

Good luck to all you Virgo's this month setting off on your round the world sailing trip. Be careful, it's a jungle out there. More posts coming soon including, sports to enjoy after the World Cup and trip to Venice. Heather x


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