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Monday, July 24, 2006

August H'Scopes

Here are my predictions for August.

Cancer I had a fantastic birthday, did you? I was expecting to be surprised by the unexpected. But in fact I was unexpectedly surprised by what I was expecting. I expect there will be more unexpected surprises the same time next year.

Leo The shelf in the bathroom, that your annoying ex put up, breaks this month. I think that means something, possibly that you can't put a price on the right tools for the job.

Gemini You've dedicated your entire life to your stamp collecting. This month is the time to reap the rewards. Around the 16th you'll sell your entire collection for around £10 or could that be £10,000, I'm not very good with my zeros. Do let me know which one it is.

Libra You worked tirelessly last month to make that veal souffle. Your hard work pays off on the 23rd....Unfortunately, its for your hot date, who is a vegetarian. NB. A good hostess always checks guests dietary requirements.

Scorpio You have potential to be a concert pianist this month. So if you haven't already started piano lessons, get started, 4 weeks and counting!

Sagittarius It's rare that you say something inappropriate being such a diplomatic sign. But what you said to your auntie Mabel, in front of the cat was in poor taste, Sagittarius.

Virgo The stars tell me all is well on your round the world sailing trip. You are nearing the Antarctic, wrap up warm. I predict it will be cold.

Taurus You'll have to think hard before you answer a few tough ones this month. Things like "Do you have a nectar card?" and "Do you want cash back?". Are just some of the great philosophical quandaries of our time.

Aquarius You get a parking ticket on the 22nd, when you double park your car outside the vet. Your hamster Nibbles the third, is worth it though.

Pisces Good luck this month on your charity "Hop round Europe" in aid of the *DWSEP. Which leg will you be hopping on?

Aries Ultra violet really suits you, you should wear it more often.

Capricorn Like so many of your fellow Capricorns, you do have tendency to hoard books once you've read them. Don't you need the space in your caravan? There are some excellent industrial size shredders on the market.

*Dogs With Self Esteem Problems.

I'm off now on my holidays for 2 weeks to Cornwall. More posts when I get back including Sports to enjoy after the World Cup is over II, and Falmouth Sailing Week. Heather x


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