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Monday, August 28, 2006

H'Scopes for September

Here are my predictions for September

Cancer Mars and Venus are feeling playful this month..... aren't we all? however true to your character you should remain serious at all times.

Leo I predict you will be feeling thirsty around the 10th, why not have a drink. Or perhaps a glass of something cold or hot?

Gemini On the 5th you will attend a creative writing workshop, in Crouch End. Don't sit next to the radiator, it has a problem with hissing, and someone might think its you, which could be embarrassing.

Libra You'll be getting a telephone call next week from your granny, wanting her old mustard cardigan back.

Scorpio Take some time out to dwell on all your problems this month. Then you can live in complete denial next month.

Sagittarius The grass isn't always greener. I predict you will find this out for yourself, especially with the drought we've had.

Virgo Hows the round the world sailing trip going? I see you are making excellent progress. Sorry I can't help you with storm predictions, the dog ate my star charts for the Southern Hemisphere.

Taurus Stay away from china shops

Aquarius You'll be getting a nice new computer next month.... free! Who says you never win anything at the AFA* fun day raffle.

Pisces When it comes to relationships, just be yourself. Even if you're a neurotic busy body, with the personality of a plank, remember there are lots of people who would love to take you out. ...

Aries Isn't it about time you returned other people's books. I'm still waiting for "Celebrity Tomatoes and their dysfunctional friends" by Ms Magenta Aubergine. I thought you said you couldn't read?

Capricorn Watch out for ancient mariners trying to sell you pockets.

*Athletes Foot Awareness

More posts coming soon, including some very exciting news and blogs I love. Heather x


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