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Friday, September 15, 2006

Blogs I love

Gosh what a morning I've had...that's absolutely the last time I do an oil change on the car. I don't know how the girls from the Pirelli calendar do it. They always make it look so easy in the photo.....

Step 1 Lacy underwear - to match the colour of your car, don't wear see through.... you don't want the whole street watching.

Step 2 Make up - a girl always likes to look her best, but not too much, that looks common.

Step 3 Heels - good for poking things out with.

Step 4 Your best car mechanic's face, so plenty of pouting and sultry glances at the car bonnet.

Step 5 Lots of tyres to sit on, for when Mr Spottiswood from next door brings you a cappuccino and a panini.

Step 6 A Spanner, for fixing things.

I think I'll stick to changing the head gasket, that was far more straight forward.

Here are some blogs I love..... huge exaggeration, but you know what I mean. No money has changed hands here, however if anyone would like to give me some money, then I will be happy do a post on how entertaining witty and original your blog is.

A Dress A Day

Does what it says on the tin. Features completely over the top vintage dresses, and posts written by enthusiastic dressmaker Erin. Occasional stories about the "Secret lives of dresses". This is what I wear if I ever have any photocopying to do, not in that hideous colour though.

The World, My Playground

Cheery Australian air hostess AG, travels the world. Regular posts from lots of interesting places, with delicious looking pictures of local cuisine. Actually I'm still feeling envious from her June posts....she went to the World Cup in Germany.

Mucho Danger

Funny anecdotes from Senor Tronosco's life. Including a guide to Flamenco music and why he likes Battenburg cake. Have fun trying to work out if he is Spanish or not, just don't ask him about tomatoes....

The Injured Cyclist

After a serious cycling accident in London, and lots of recovery time on his hands, Tom started his blog. Here he shares his ups and downs of the slow healing process. Fortunately with lots of help from St Thomas's Hospital and determination he is getting better. Interesting posts about a variety of things, including politics (Tory)...don't let that put you off and cycling in London

It's a Dog's Life!

Only just discovered this one..... But I've been looking for a good one about dogs, and here it is. Read all about the adventures of Murphy Oz and the grouchy but lovable Mr P..... Cute photos including trips to the beach. My Newfies Grizzle and Fluffy are already huge fans.

Actually there are a few others, but they will be featuring in my Christmas special, so don't feel left out. More posts coming soon, including the QPR game H'scopes for October and a weekend in Paris. Heather x


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