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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blog Tag

Things have been so busy here lately I've barely had chance to co-ordinate my outfits properly. Not to mention the colour malfunction between pink and lilac at the top of my page. But I have bought a new umbrella today to cope with all this rain, so something has been accomplished.

As I mentioned on my previous post, I have been blog tagged. It says I need to reveal 5 interesting things about me. That's easy.

1. I once got a free pen from a magazine.

2. I can send a text message standing up.

3. I double bag my shopping.

4. I like to sunbathe facing South South West.

5. A button on my favourite coat is missing.

I'm actually quite flattered to think that this very knowledgeable person has thought of little old me and my blog. So with that in mind I'm going to be all technical today.

Apologies to my regular readers, you may wish to visit another blog, try my favs grouchy old Mr P and darling Kaz.

2 Years ago.

Computers were not good to me. They used to stare at me blankly or make weird noises when I tried to print things. Something had to be done before ebay started to lose money.

Men seem to be good with gadgets, but us girls can be technical and logical too! So I telephoned my geeky friend Robin to come and sort me and my computer out *flutter flutter*.

He was round at my place quicker than you can say "Google my You Tubes".

"What do you use your computer for?" he enquired rather nosily.
"Erm, the usual stuff emails, printing my cleaning rota, and shopping" I replied, choosing not to mention my embarrassing daily habit of cooing over pictures of puppies and rabbits at Cute Overload.

So there he was fixing my silly old computer, re booting my software and harmonizing my hard drive. After a morning of doing lots of complicated stuff, I was left with something quite extraordinary.

"It's called Linux" he said.

"A what?" I said.

"Linux" he said.

"A Linux?" I said.

"No, just Linux, not A Linux, it's an operating system. " Robin said with his very precise hat on. "See how you get on with it, and give me a call if you have a problem" he said trotting out the front door.

That was 2 years ago now and my computer works perfectly. I don't understand it??

My server serves, my browser browses and my printer prints, it seems Robin is a genius. Thanks to him and Mr Linux, the viruses and crashes have gone.

These are replaced by cute reliable penguins called Tux. My computer behaves so well these days I have almost forgotten what used to go wrong.

That's my technical talk over with, phew. Next week I'll be pondering how Victorian Horoscopes may have influenced the Scientist Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution. He was an Aquarius obviously.

I have to pass this tag thing on so over to you Murph and Oz. fetch.

Heather x

ps The only thing I can't do is play my favourite game, Note Attack, can anyone help me?


  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 8:45:00 pm, Blogger Señor Tronosco said…

    "Google my You Tubes" sounds absolutely filthy!..anyway...

    I gave Linux a go once and felt awfully geeky but mostly confused. I spent ages bashing and (./configure make make install make clean)-ing?

    You 'Ladies and Linux' make me feel a little less manly.

  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 9:11:00 pm, Blogger KAZ said…

    Hello darling.
    Sorry you are so busy - I would be happy to help with colour coordination or shopping for your spring outfit.
    Is Tux anything like Pingu?

  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 9:22:00 pm, Blogger Heather said…

    ST - lol, it wasn't meant to *flutter flutter*

  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 10:13:00 pm, Anonymous Andy said…

    Congratulations on The Linux! Give my regards to 'Robin'.

  • At Friday, January 12, 2007 9:32:00 am, Blogger Murph said…

    I've picked up the stick, thank you Heather!!

    As soon as I can remember where I buried it, the revelations will be flowing fast and furious!!!

  • At Friday, January 12, 2007 10:59:00 am, Blogger Heather said…

    Kaz - Thank you for your kind offer to help, I'm thinking floaty dresses for spring.

    That is a very good question re Tux I think they are related.

    Andy - Hello, really I did nothing.

    Murph - Hurray, well done, can't wait.

  • At Saturday, January 13, 2007 11:27:00 am, Blogger Murph said…

    Heather, I've done the tag and thrown it on to Stitchwort. Afraid it's not as exciting as your "free magazine pen" revelation which is now the talk of blogworld.

    Oh, and thanks so much for letting Mrs Rine see the "Cute Overload" link ... now we have to wait another half hour for our dinner while she puppy-drools. Mind you, it's Baker's Complete Shite so that's not the end of the world.

  • At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 2:00:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, I happened upon your blog, and I am currently playing Note Attack on my Linux computer. All you have to do is install a program called wine, and then use it to run Note Attack. You might need 'Robin' to install wine and make it run Note Attack, since it can sometimes be difficult.

  • At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 6:43:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Linux has gotten very windows like in terms of very ease of use for the very stupid. If all you can do is double click on mozilla and your email program, then sure. But I doubt you ever try to actually manage those servers yourself, or try to figure out the underlying directory structure, or have to do anything vaguelly technical. Linux is based on a piece of crap file system hierarchy that was made 40 years ago and is 39 years obsolete.

  • At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 8:34:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    can you tell me what linux u use? i mean is it redhat, fedora, suse, ubuntu, DSL or what?

  • At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 10:53:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello, Mr Tronosco. A fresher does not have to compile every thing by himself, as long as you have got a suitable distribution of Linux...things like Ubuntu/Debian, but not Gentoo.

    You are quite *manly* to confess that.

  • At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 1:47:00 pm, Blogger Heather said…

    Murph - yes getting that free pen was a very exciting moment for me. Glad Mrs Rine likes Cute Overload.

    Anon 1 - Thank you for your helpful comment, I will ask Robin if he can do that for me right away.

    Anon 2 - Well I wouldn't say I was "very stupid", but for the sake of your little comment lets say I am.

    "But I doubt you ever try to actually manage those servers yourself, or try to figure out the underlying directory structure, or have to do anything vaguely technical".

    You see you've lost me already, but it sounds a hoot.

    Anon 3 - err suse sounds familiar.

    Anon 4 - ST will be very happy to hear that.

  • At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 4:19:00 pm, Blogger motiv8x said…

    Configuring dialup modem is no easy task, and works in about 30 seconds on windows XP.

    This is a necessity for widespread adoption of Linux.

  • At Wednesday, January 17, 2007 11:19:00 pm, Blogger Señor Tronosco said…

    Hola H and Anon 4.

    Being called a 'fresher' is also strangely flattering, manly confidence now restored...Hasta la Pasta niñas!

  • At Thursday, January 18, 2007 3:02:00 pm, Blogger Betty said…

    I visited cute overloads and checked out all of the "Pups" section.

    I am ashamed of myself.

  • At Friday, January 19, 2007 5:58:00 pm, Blogger Heather said…

    motiv8x - thank you I agree.

    Betty - Hello Betty, yes the pups are just adorable.

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