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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Dogs

I remember a time when I could put a glass of champagne on my coffee table, and it wouldn't get dribbled on.

I could go for an uninterrupted walk, at my own pace, without having to stop to leer at birds.

I could even have a nice hot bath without a huge slobbering beast, hovering over me.

Fond memories indeed, but to be honest, my life was completely dull before I met my husband and somehow we've managed to work through the slobbering problem. Well, for most of the year anyway, he sometimes has relaspes around Valentines Day and Christmas, but generally he's ok.

But this isn't about him, it's about my lovely cuddly Newfoundland dogs, Grizzle and Fluffy.

Where do I start?

I could tell you about the time they escaped from a friend's house and I found them at the beach, casually swimming around the bay. Or the time when my mother had just cooked 24 current buns, left them to cool, and Fluffy hoovered up the lot.

Another one I am particularly proud of, is when Grizzle stole a chocolate Swiss roll from someone's kit bag, at a local football game in the park. The image of me chasing my dog around a muddy pitch, being laughed at by the WHOLE team, even the subs, is not a happy one.

To save Fluffy's dignity, I won't be telling you about the time she had a fling in Cornwall, with a spaniel called Fudge. Highly embarrassing when I had to go to the vet for the canine version of the morning after pill I can tell you. I can feel myself blushing just thinking about it.

But I will tell you that if you ever feel the need to have two bears living in your house, like something to keep your feet warm, and enjoy getting swamped by affectionate strangers when out walking. Newfoundlands are the dogs for you.

Someone once asked me "Why did you call your dog such a daft name? (Fluffy)

I told my husband Piers Geronimo, that he should know perfectly well why. The name was taken from the Harry Potter books, and it sounded better than Fang, which was the name of the other dog in the book.

More posts coming soon, including QPR, Charlton Athletic, Paris and a new purchase. Heather x


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