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Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas for him

Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement regarding my shopping problem. As I mentioned I had a very intensive workshop with Marks and Spencer at the weekend.

They taught me a brilliant new technique that most of us can easily put into practice. Take an item that you really love and purchase lots of them in different colours, genius.

M & S were so generous they even suggested that I could help myself to free water from the water fountain. They also offered me a wide selection of sandwiches and cakes. So after a ham roll and a small donation of £3.95 towards the cost of the ingredients, packaging, staff, shopfittings and their new Christmas advert, I was feeling much better.

Anyway with that in mind, here are a few ideas for Christmas presents for the man in your life.

A Book - "Girl with a one Track Mind" by Abby Lee.

Feisty Abby tells us all about her adventures month by month.

Beautifully written through the seasons and paying particular attention to the spring time mating season. Don't miss her Top 10 winter warmers.

Abby has also been on the BBC Radio 4 woman's hour, so she is nice and polite. This book is probably a good gift for your grandad, dad or brother if they like nature. Take a look at her popular blog.

Correction: This gift is only suitable for your boyfriend.

A Football shirt

We all know how much men love their football, unless of course they like rugby or cricket.

But what better way to say "Happy Christmas darling, thank you for doing the washing up" than giving him his favourite team's shirt?

Please note girls that my earlier point about buying things that you like in every colour, does not apply to this. Even if his team play in something woeful like red and blue, remember, football is never about style.

If you are a little embarrassed about buying a football shirt in broad daylight, try alternatives.

Look for an old strip from the years when his team were really good. Be understanding, in some cases this could be before David Beckham was invented or the wheel.

Just remember....

Scrawny old football shirt = A "fashionable" vintage gift from ebay.

I hope you like my ideas, and are looking forward to Christmas.

Heather x


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