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Friday, October 20, 2006

Time Out

I've been reading up on Paris with the help the guide books. I don't want to make another faux pas concerning gastronomic oddities or walk down the Champs Elysees in the wrong shoes. I want to be prepared for all eventualities.

Paris Time Out say "No world famous tourist trap or low life club has been left unvisited"

Interesting, lucky journalists having to visit the all best places as well as the grotty ones, all in the name of research for their grateful readers. Sounds very stressful, I can just imagine how the conversation would go if I had that job.....

Friend says, "Heather, are you coming out for dinner on Wednesday night to that place that we always go to in Soho?

Me "Sounds nice but we always go there, have you booked?"

Friend says, "No, because we always go there"

Me "Ok, let me check my diary, what time?"

Friend says, "Well, we have to get there early because we haven't booked"

Me "What about 7 o'clock?"

Friend says, "Great I'll meet you there."

Me "Hang on a minute sorry I can't, I've got something already on for that evening. I've got to go to Hakkasan for dinner."

Friend says, "Have you booked?"

Me "Yes, I'm going with some other journalists from work, you know, research and all that, it's part of my job"

Friend says, "That's Chinese isn't it? I hear it's gorgeous, famous for Dim Sum, quite expensive though, do you have to pay?"

Me "No "

Friend says, "So you're going to Hakkasan for dinner, with colleagues, and you're not paying for any of it?"

Me "That's right"

Friend says, "Shame you're going to embarrass yourself using chopsticks then isn't it."?

Yes that job would be just my cup of Lapsang su shong.

I have managed to bribe a friend with homemade Victoria Sandwich cakes to look after my blog for me when I'm away, more on that soon, and H'Scopes.

Heather x


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