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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

David Beckham - you need help

Dear David

I have admired your work for many years. I think you are very good at football, especially when you kick the ball. My mother and I always think you look very fashionable on the pitch, (and on the bench).

However, I have read about your recent activities i.e. Signing a 5 year deal worth £128 million to play for LA Galaxy.

In one word, you need help.

Have you really thought about this David? Many people have tried and failed to deal with this sort of thing, it's never easy.

It's no good putting your head in the sand Victoria, a little bit of shopping here and there is not going to make any difference.

How on earth are you going to spend all that money??

You have millions, what are you going to do?

If you don't take action, you're going to have so much money you'll become delirious, and that could be embarrassing in the post match showers.

So I've come up with a few solutions for you, I do hope you have time to look at them in your busy schedule, this took me a whole minute to write.

  • Clearly there aren't enough days in the week for you to spend all your money, so start thinking about shopping on what should be a time of rest....Monday mornings.
  • Get into politics and run for government. Obviously you'll never win because you're not an American citizen, but it will waste a huge amount of money. Could be a laugh?
  • How about making a movie, they always go over budget, you could call it. "Beckham" - Beckham's cultural Learnings of America for make benefit glorious game of Soccer.
  • Buy a few vineyards in Napa Valley, they can't be cheap. I'm sure the kiddies would love to help with picking and squashing the grapes at Chateau de Beckham. Just think of all the parties you could have, invite some heavy drinking friends, they would sup your profits away in no time.
I hope this is helpful to you both, let me know via the news how you get on.

Happy spending, yours sincerely

Heather x


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