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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Do's and don'ts for the World Cup

Thank you for all your postings, with suggestions on which football team I should support, very interesting.
  • Blackburn Rovers - no reasons given, possibly a bit far for me to travel?
  • Ipswich - sounds good.
  • QPR - Coming through loud and clear! I agree it is a smart kit, and colours are very important to me. You nearly lost me there when you said it was a "very unfashionable team", but recovered beautifully by saying you have "street cred" so thats ok. Thank you to the person who sent me photo's of Gareth Ainsworth.... and I don't think I will be putting myself up for appearing in the QPR calender, I already have a good Marks and Spencer's one thank you. No, I don't take sugar in tea, in fact I only like coffee.
All suggestions are being seriously considered, keep them coming. In the meantime, here are some handy hints for the big event!

Do As I mentioned before, show support and wear your cute red England top from New Look.
Don't Go for the 'buy one, get one free' offer and get the Brazil or Italia one as well.

Look out for the referee, he's in black.
Don't Keep saying, "why are footballers always spitting?"

Do Give the T.V. a good polish before play starts.
Don't Ask if you could quickly whip round with the hoover, saying "you don't need sound as well do you?"

Say "Doesn't Peter Crouch have good touch for a big man?"
Don't Say "which one is Jonny Wilkinson?"

Do Learn all the names of the players
Don't Keep asking if Ashley Cole and Joe Cole are brothers, they are not.

Do Let your man put his feet up and enjoy the game.
Don't Chatter all the way through, and ask him if he prefers football to you now.

Do At kick off, take note which way England are playing, ie: kicking the ball.
Don't Ask your man to explain what 4 4 2 is. It's not the vital statistics of your pet rabbit, its a team formation.

Do Provide lots of tasty food, like quiche for example.
Don't Ask where that cute guy from the Va Va Voom advert is. Its Thierry Henry and he's French.

Do Join in with banter, try something simple like "That Ref should have gone to Spec Savers"
Don't Ask if they are going to stop play because it has started to rain.

Do Remember, footballers don't get selected to play for their country, based on interesting haircuts and nice thighs.
Don't Ask who Ronaldinho is. He's not the new mascot for McDonald's, he's one of the worlds best players, for Brazil.

Do Be sympathetic if we l---, sorry I can't say it.
Don't Say that old favourite, "It's only a game!" .......its so over used. Try to think of something more original.

More posts coming soon, including the Quiche recipe, and next month's H'scopes. Heatherx