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Monday, July 24, 2006

August H'Scopes

Here are my predictions for August.

Cancer I had a fantastic birthday, did you? I was expecting to be surprised by the unexpected. But in fact I was unexpectedly surprised by what I was expecting. I expect there will be more unexpected surprises the same time next year.

Leo The shelf in the bathroom, that your annoying ex put up, breaks this month. I think that means something, possibly that you can't put a price on the right tools for the job.

Gemini You've dedicated your entire life to your stamp collecting. This month is the time to reap the rewards. Around the 16th you'll sell your entire collection for around £10 or could that be £10,000, I'm not very good with my zeros. Do let me know which one it is.

Libra You worked tirelessly last month to make that veal souffle. Your hard work pays off on the 23rd....Unfortunately, its for your hot date, who is a vegetarian. NB. A good hostess always checks guests dietary requirements.

Scorpio You have potential to be a concert pianist this month. So if you haven't already started piano lessons, get started, 4 weeks and counting!

Sagittarius It's rare that you say something inappropriate being such a diplomatic sign. But what you said to your auntie Mabel, in front of the cat was in poor taste, Sagittarius.

Virgo The stars tell me all is well on your round the world sailing trip. You are nearing the Antarctic, wrap up warm. I predict it will be cold.

Taurus You'll have to think hard before you answer a few tough ones this month. Things like "Do you have a nectar card?" and "Do you want cash back?". Are just some of the great philosophical quandaries of our time.

Aquarius You get a parking ticket on the 22nd, when you double park your car outside the vet. Your hamster Nibbles the third, is worth it though.

Pisces Good luck this month on your charity "Hop round Europe" in aid of the *DWSEP. Which leg will you be hopping on?

Aries Ultra violet really suits you, you should wear it more often.

Capricorn Like so many of your fellow Capricorns, you do have tendency to hoard books once you've read them. Don't you need the space in your caravan? There are some excellent industrial size shredders on the market.

*Dogs With Self Esteem Problems.

I'm off now on my holidays for 2 weeks to Cornwall. More posts when I get back including Sports to enjoy after the World Cup is over II, and Falmouth Sailing Week. Heather x

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Venice v Birmingham

As I was purchasing some pink lipgloss, chocolate and other travelling essentials at Gatwick airport. I remembered a friend once told me that Venice was very similar to the city of Birmingham. "Why?", I asked. "Is it because of it's Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance architectural influences? Or perhaps the collection of masterpieces by Titian, Bellini and Giorgione?". "No, it isn't", my friend retorted. "It is because Birmingham has more canals than Venice".

How interesting.... I agree that Birmingham is a lovely city, I've passed through it many times on the train. However, I can wholeheartedly confirm that Venice is more beautiful than Birmingham. In fact I haven't seen so much beauty in one place, since the Christmas sale at Selfridges.

Here's some of the football news, Italy won! Well done Italy. Then the bit about Materazzi, think you will only be able to read the headline, as the image is too small. Can anyone translate it for me?

How sweet of the Italians to put hearts on their cappuccinos.

In St Mark's Square, like Byron, Dickens and Proust had done before me, there I sat in the historic Cafe Florian, along with 900 other tourists, and a pigeon with a manky leg. Whilst I was quietly pondering my life and the price of a cappuccino, with a carafe of water. A man appeared in front of me dressed in orange. Not a look most people can carry off, but somehow he managed it in a bohemium kind of way.

He was brandishing a large camera, pointing it in my direction and started taking photos. Quelle horreur! I looked behind me to see if Tom Cruise had popped in for a glass of water? Or perhaps some glamour puss super model?

There was nobody.

He carried on taking photos, now gesturing for me to start smiling. Was this the Cafe Florian in house photographer? Was I going to be awarded "The Best dressed tourist for 2006?" My hat after all was fabulous.

The clinking of the camera and his gestures were starting to attract a lot of attention from the other customers by now. Then he put his hand in his pocket...... he was pulling something out, was it a tripod? his business card? a gun?

No, much to my huge embarrassment, and amusement to the large audience, it was a paper cup for money. He wanted me to pay up, and judging by his very expensive looking camera many people did just that. So I did what any other self repecting city girl would do. I mumbled something about not having any change, became fascinated with the Italian tiled floor, and went my favourite shade of pink. Perfectly co-ordinating myself with my new lipgloss.

No word from the Ramblers Association yet. More posts coming soon, including Sports to enjoy after the World Cup II, H' Scopes and Falmouth Sailing Week in Cornwall. Heather x

Monday, July 10, 2006

Sports to enjoy now the World Cup is over

I'm really pleased for Italy, they deserved to win. A very exciting World Cup final. What could Materazzi have said to Zidane to provoke that? I will try and find out when I'm in Italy later this week, unfortunately I can't speak Italian so you could have an interesting translation. Now it's all over, here are my ideas for some more sports to enjoy for the summer.

Golf - Messing about in sand pits, dressed like Rupert the Bear... They say golf spoils a good walk. Does it? I have written to The Ramblers' Association to ask them. Will keep you posted. The Open Championship 20 - 23rd July

Sailing - For those of you who've ever dreamed of sailing "Swallows and Amazons" style. Pottering about eating sandwiches, catching fish. It's nothing like that. You need forearms like a rugby player, have to listen to some Captain Birdseye bellowing at you. All whilst getting cold, wet and hanging over the side, trying not to fall in. Falmouth/St Mawes week in Cornwall 5th to 13th August.

Cycling - Watch the amazing stamina of these guys, covering up to 230 Km a day!! Including cycling up mountains I couldn't even walk up. All for that prized Yellow Jersey, and I thought I was a slave to fashion. Tour de France, now till 23rd July

Quidditch - I've never actually seen a game, but must be good as children seem to be fascinated by it. Couldn't find any fixtures on BBC website. Perhaps see your local paper?

Cricket - Cricket is fashionable! Finally a chance to wear that old vintage tea dress you bought off ebay. Put simply in "fashion speak", "White is the new black, batting is the new bowling, throwing is the new catching. Glamour is back". England v Pakistan test match July

Polo - One for all you Cinderella's out there. Watching Polo, you could actually meet a real live prince just like in the fairy tales...... sadly he will probably be in the arms of some glamour puss called Talullah Grace Fitzwilliam-Spencer. Never mind there's always plenty of the best Champagne around to drown your sorrows. The Veuve Clicquot British Open Championship 1st - 23rd July at Cowdrey Park, West Sussex.

So there you go, enjoy and have fun. I'm off to pack all my cute dresses and heels for Venice. More photo's and posts coming soon. Heather x

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Football and tennis misery

I'm still a bit depressed about the football, (and the tennis now)...... but your funny comments have cheered me up no end. Also that fact that I can now go on my Champagne making weekend at the Chateau and the impending trip to Venice, have eased the misery.

Thank you to all the very thoughtful QPR fans for suggestions on where I should sit when I come to watch a match. I'm not too fussy as you know, anywhere will do for me and my dogs. Would it be ok to let them off at half time to stretch their legs on the ground? I've already trained them not to dig or foul on grassy areas. Could liven things up a bit if you're losing? And possibly distract the opposing side? It's just a thought.

A very important sounding person, Mr Ron Gould asked what my favourite tipple is. So he could point me in the right direction of where to go for a pre game beverage. Have you read my blog?? Champagne of course! However I think he meant the non alcoholic variety in which case its celery and spinach juice. My friend who will be coming with me likes pints of Guinness, and I do mean pints. She is also a dedicated follower of football just like me. I have told her to put her treasured MK Dons accessories away though. The dogs will be fine with bowls of water. When does all this football fever start anyway?

Good luck to all you Virgo's this month setting off on your round the world sailing trip. Be careful, it's a jungle out there. More posts coming soon including, sports to enjoy after the World Cup and trip to Venice. Heather x

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I'm not going to be my usual chirpy self in this post. No more silly jokes about quiche, horoscopes or David Beckham's aftershave, I'm too depressed. For years I've enjoyed watching, now it's finally over. How could they do this to us? Yes, the news that 'Top of the Pops' was going to end after 42 years, ruined my week.... or so I thought. However, yesterday proved to be an even bigger disappointment. I really thought we had a chance this time. But we just weren't good enough in the end. Tears all round, I'm afraid.

I might as well get all this misery out on one post. Tim Henman and the tennis, he's out as well! Completely thrashed by the lovely Roger Federer. Oh dear, and I have the photo's to prove it.

Apart from the sporting disaster, I had a fabulous time at Wimbledon. All thanks to the very clever people at IBM. (Sorry I don't know what it stands for) Important Business Man?? They apparently have been providing the technology there for the last 15 years. Well I was very impressed, and thank you for that. If I ever feel the need to set up my own global multi million pound company, I will be sure to use IBM to do all the complicated stuff with computers. I didn't get to meet the famous Mr Hawk Eye though, I think he was busy.

The newly designed Ralph Lauren uniforms for the Wimbledon officials looked very smart. I especially liked the navy blazers, ideal for going to football matches.

Still there is some hope it seems for British sport. With the tennis again, the unbelievable Andy Murray yesterday, beating Andy Roddick in straight sets. Long may that continue. Heather x